Who is Linda Skeens?

The District Fair Darling

Sarah Willey


Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

The Virginia Kentucky District Fair, held June 14–18, 2022, has captured the attention of Facebook users across the US and beyond. Why? Because Linda Skeens won most of the prizes, and the internet has questions. And praise. And so many jokes.

She came to my attention when I saw someone share this photo from the County Fair showing that Linda swept the Baked Goods competition.

From the Virginia Kentucky District Fair’s Facebook page.

Curious, I clicked to read the comments. They did not disappoint!

Some of my favorites:

Everyone: “You can’t win them all!”
Linda: 😎💁‍♀️ Bet.
(Dana Baker Snodgrass)

I think we all need to go to Linda’s house
(Rhonda Jennings Bright)

Chuck Norris beats everyone except Linda Skeens.
(Josh Clark)

But it gets better. Linda dominated the Adult Canning competition (though a few other people took a ribbon here and there). She took first place for multiple jams (pumpkin butter, strawberry jam, apple butter, and miscellaneous jam).

One of Linda’s canned goods with her prize ribbons. Photo from Virginia Kentucky District Fair’s Facebook page.

She took a handful of prizes for “Best Overall” categories, too.

Image from Virginia Kentucky District Fair’s Facebook page.

Pretty much every post the Virginia Kentucky District Fair has made over the past few weeks, during and after the fair, has had people coming to comment about Linda. Two of my favorites:

June 21, the District Fair posted about remaining lost and found items. Facebook user Eric Weingrad was quick to suggest that Linda Skeens could find the owners.

June 15, the District Fair posted about which gate to enter through for one of the events. After Linda’s impressive winnings during the event, Kristy Youngstein came back to comment that “Linda can use any gate she wants to.”



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